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Alejandra Baralt
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BIENVENIDOS BIENVENUE. Here are some of my expectations:

  • In class you must use your second language as much as possible.
  • I suggest that you buy your own dictionary and bring it to class.
  • You must be prepared for class by bringing all the required materials.
  • You need a Spanish/ French notebook.
  • You need a google account. An email must be send by end of next week to
  • We must follow the school’s rules and regulations: cell phones, electronic devices, hats, etc.
  • In the language lab there’s no food or beverages allowed.
  • If you are absent you are responsible for finding out the work you missed and for showing your completed homework/project.

Grading Policy

I. Tests                                                30%

II. Quizzes                                                 20%

III. Homework                                   15%

IV. Projects                                                            20%

V. Class participation/Preparation/Effort/class work      15%

Bonjour la classe!  
Si vous voulez:
-ecouter des chansons, lire des articles pour apprendre le français

-lire des magazines:

-pratiquer la structure:

- pratiquer l'écriture:

-pratiquer le vocabulaire:

- utiliser un dictionnaire:

Buen día clase:

Si ustedes quieren:
-estudiar vocabulario y gramática:

-leer y escuchar música:

- consultar los diccionarios:

- leer los periódicos (newspapers)