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Welcome back Students and Parents:
We hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable summer.  It is now time to hit the ground running.  The best part about a new school year is having a fresh start; make the most of it!  New beginnings!!
I hope each of you will extend a warm welcome to Rachel Sturma and Molly Morrow, the newest members of our counseling department. ~Ms. Sturma is replacing Ms. Magary and will implement full duties with the same caseload; A-G. ~Ms. Morrow is covering Ms. Barnum's caseload while she is on maternity leave; H-M. ~Both come to us with~relevant experience, decorated backgrounds and endearing personalities.  We wish Ms. Magary the best on her next endeavors and of course Ms. Barnum with her newest addition to her family.
Looking ahead to the 2015-16 school year, please stay connected with us via our website, look out for our emails, and follow us on twitter @SHSguidancedpt.  We will be hosting many events, nights and our annual in-school seminars that cover an array of topics and information.
Seniors, please come down and make your first college appointment with your counselor!
We are looking forward to working with all of you and hope that the 2015-2016 school year is a successful, fun and stress-free year!!  
The Counseling Department

.School Year 2015-2016

Rachel Sturma       A - G

 Molly Morrow*     H - M
*maternity leave coverage for Emily Barnum until January 2016
Julie Mazzola            N - Z  

Sarah Kelley: Adjustment Counselor/504 Coordinator

New counselor's emails are in the process of being set-up.


Student-athletes must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center to be eligible to play NCAA Division I or II sports in college. Athletes playing in Division III do not have to register.

From here,  you can check out which core courses have been approved by the NCAA.

The Swampscott High School code is 222-100.

What is the NCAA Eligibility Center?

The NCAA Eligibility Center certifies whether prospective college athletes are eligible to play sports at NCAA Division I or II institutions. It does this by reviewing the student-athlete's academic record, SAT® or ACT scores, and amateur status to ensure conformity with NCAA rules.

What are NCAA Divisions I, II, and III?

The NCAA is the governing body of many intercollegiate sports. Each college regulated by the NCAA has established rules on eligibility, recruiting and financial aid and falls into one of the three membership divisions (Divisions I, II and III). Divisions are based on college size and the scope of their athletic programs and scholarships.

When should students register?

The NCAA recommends that student-athletes register at the beginning of their junior year in high school, but many students register after their junior year. There is no registration deadline, but students must be cleared by the Eligibility Center before they receive athletic scholarships or compete at a Division I or II institution.

How do students register?

Students must register online at the NCAA Eligibility Center. They will have to enter personal information, answer questions about their course work and sports participation outside of high school and pay a registration fee.

Can students have the registration fee waived?

Students who have received a waiver for the SAT or ACT are eligible for a waiver of the registration fee. The student's counselor must submit confirmation of the student's test fee waiver. Go to the NCAA Eligibility Center High School Portal for more information.

What records does the Eligibility Center require?

Students should arrange to have the school send their high school transcript as soon as they have completed at least six semesters of high school. The transcript must be mailed directly from their high school. They must also arrange to have their SAT or ACT test scores reported directly by the testing company to the Eligibility Center (collegeboard or actstudent).  Students can arrange this when they register for the tests.

How often can students update their athletics participation information?

Students can update the information on the athletics participation section online as often as they want (and should update it regularly), up until the time when they request a final certification of their status. At that point — usually three to four months before enrolling in college — students must finalize their information.

What are the NCAA academic eligibility requirements?

To play sports at an NCAA Division I or II institution, the student must:

Complete a certain number of high school core courses (defined below).
Earn a certain minimum grade point average in these core courses.
Earn a certain minimum score on the SAT or ACT.
Graduate from high school.

For more information, see the NCAA's Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete, in the Publications section of the NCAA website.

What are core courses?

This is the name that the NCAA gives to high school courses that meet certain academic criteria specified by the association. Students must complete a certain number of core courses for NCAA Division I and II eligibility.

How are high school courses classified as core courses?

All participating high schools submit lists of the courses that they offer that meet NCAA core-course criteria. If approved, the courses are added to a database that the NCAA Eligibility Center maintains. You can check this database or view a list of approved core courses on the NCAA Eligibility Center High School Portal to see whether your student-athletes are enrolled in courses that will count toward NCAA eligibility.

It is often the counselor who provides the NCAA with the list of your school's core courses and updates it annually. The NCAA may ask for more information before approving a core course.

What are the NCAA amateurism eligibility requirements?

To play sports at an NCAA Division I or II institution, the student athlete must follow NCAA amateurism rules about receiving a salary or prize money for athletic participation, playing with a professional team and other areas. For more information, see the Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete.

Keep in mind

If you are a student athlete and considering enrolling in a DI or DII college and playing a sport at this level, you begin exploring approved core courses right away!!!

The best way for students to prepare for a future in college athletics is to complete the approved core courses and earn appropriate grades in them. Indeed, more students fail to qualify to play NCAA sports because of lack of appropriate course work than for low test scores.

(NCAA FAQ adapted from


10:15am - 1:15pm

Swampscott Public Library will be offering students the FREE opportunity to familiarize themselves with the features of the new PSAT.

This school year, the Classes of 2017 & 2018 will be facing the first administration of the New PSAT with the New SAT in the spring.  Understanding the implications of the new test is particularly confusing for many families.  To help students build confidence and explore the New PSAT & SAT we have arranged for a Free PSAT Practice Test from Kaplan Test Prep Saturday, September 12, 2015.

Each student will receive a score report detailing his or her performance on the practice PSAT. Students should bring sharpened #2 pencils and a calculator. YOU MUST PREREGISTER. CALL 1-800-KAP-TEST OR REGISTER AT   


2014 AP Scholar Info
The AP Program offers several AP Scholar Awards to recognize high school students who have demonstrated college-level achievement through AP courses and exams.  

Swampscott High School had a total of 31 scholars in 2014 –

                        AP Scholar              AP Scholar              AP Scholar
                                                        with Honor           with Distinction
# of scholars          15                               9                               7       

average score        3.83                             3.92                           4.03

AP Scholar is granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher in three or more AP exams.

AP Scholar with Honor is granted to students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.

AP Scholar with Distinction is granted to students who receive an average score of 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams.

Congratulation to all the SHS AP Scholars on a job well done!

Check out this blog on the NY Times website, The Choice: Demstifying College Admissions & Aid

Did you catch the recent NPR conversation on how to understand the MYSTERIOUS TEENAGE BRAIN?

SHS parents are talking about this compelling National Geographic article here.

Read this neat article on 'What Not to Do' when applying to college - get some neat insight into admissions counselors and their pet peeves!



Little bits of information you’re always looking for!
GPA – Weighted and on a 100-point scale

Class Rank – Weighted, exact

Class of 2015 Graduation Date: June 7, 2015

Size of Senior Class: 149 for rank

 College Board Code: 222-100

CEEB Code: 222-100

ACT Code: 222-100


Guidance Seminars

Grade 9
Programs are geared toward students transitioning from middle school to high school.  Each student is assigned a Peer Mentor to help them integrate into the high school community.  Other freshmen programs include Step Up Day for all incoming ninth graders in the spring of their eighth grade year, and a Freshmen Orientation.

Grade 10
Counselors meet with students to review goals and academic requirements as well as PSAT results.  Career Exploration is done through Naviance in a small group setting.

Grade 11
Junior Guidance Seminar.  Review the College Application Process in a small group setting at least once throughout the year.

Students are trained on Naviance Family Connection online program. This is an excellent resource for students, parents, and counselors in helping to explore both college and career options. Naviance also provides students with an opportunity to learn how their Personality Type (an adaptation of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and Career Interests (Skills, Interests, and Values) affect their post-secondary planning and decision making.

Junior Parent Night is held in the spring to review the college application process with parents.
Individual College Counseling Sessions can be scheduled by request/appointment.

Fall Grade 12
Session 1 - Review College Application Process – Counselors visit senior English classes to explain the transcript request process and related college application information.
Session 2 - Financial Aid Night – Parents are invited to a MEFA (Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority) College Financing Seminar in early December.



Under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Temporary Record (guidance cumulative folder), must be destroyed within five years after graduation or withdrawal.  However, there may be items contained within the folder that may be of value to you in the future.  Therefore, once certified for graduation, and in lieu of destruction, the Temporary Record file will be made available to your son/daughter the week following graduation.  In order to have your record available, the guidance office requires a 48-hour notification prior to the pickup.

The laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts also dictate that the student’s Permanent Transcript, which identifies the courses taken, grades received, standardized test scores, date of graduation or withdrawal, date of birth, parent’s name and address, must be kept on file for 60 years.  These are kept in the Main Office.

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School Counselor
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